Who We Are

Having 5 Years Experience

Helderberg LPG Supplies is a Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) distributor, servicing the greater Helderberg area of Cape Town.

We offer sales, service and delivery of LPG and other industrial gasses. We provide gas installations for the industrial, service, catering as well as the domestic market, in addition to repairs on most gas appliances.

We supply industrial as well as domestic stoves, hobs and assorted gas appliances, including heaters, and fireplaces

Brian Zhou – CEO & Founder

What We Offer

Choosing Helderberg LPG Supplies opens the door to a versatile and highly efficient energy source, as well as affordable installations and cheaper running costs. LPG is both lead and sulphur free and therefore kinder to the environment.

Clients Saying

  • The whole process was very simple. One quick seamless website order with a secure EFT online payment system and 2 hours later my LPG had arrived on my doorstep. You'd be mad not to try Helderberg LPG' online ordering service!"

    • Sanika Ruleq
    • Care Home Manager
  • I was very pleased with the service I got from brian at Helderberg. He responded quickly to all my queries and negotiated an extremely good rate and contract for me. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking to switch LPG providers.

    • Betty Williamson
    • Client

Why Choose Us

Our team, professionally, handles all installation procedures. From selecting the correct tank sizes and best locations through to the final installation and deliveries of LPG. Helderberg LPG will ensure that the work is completed smoothly and efficiently, with minimum inconvenience.

Helderberg LPG considers safety a vital issue. We have an experienced Technical Services Team who offer safety training and advice. In addition to this, all our drivers undertake a tank/Cylinder safety check at each delivery, and any safety issues are immediately reported back to the Technical Services Team for remedial action.

Our commitment to total customer service is ongoing; for example, we have increased our delivery fleet to ensure that there are no problems in meeting our customers’ expectations. Our teams of delivery drivers are all trained and experienced, further reflecting the philosophy of total customer care and support from the Bulk service.